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I help organizations, teams, and individuals position themselves to listen closely and move quickly in response to a rapidly changing world. Together, we can strengthen connections between your software and users, leaders and teams, and across your organization, large or small. 

I am a Certified Enterprise Coach with a deep understanding of agile values and principles, organizational change, leadership agility, and proven expertise in empowering teams to reach their full potential. 



Listening intently and asking powerful questions to understand your business. Through strategic inquiry and using professional coaching techniques, I can help you uncover key strengths, realize opportunities, scale successfully, and overcome obstacles.  

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Providing training around the tools and core competencies required to transition to an agile way of working. With carefully developed learning objectives, teaching the framework, mindset and discipline of Scrum that empower teams to respond proactively to change.



Working side-by-side with leaders, educators, marketers, and teams to develop strategies for business or student growth, organizational or classroom agility, and skill development at all levels of the organization.  



Engaging readers in meaningful conversations exploring how we collaborate, build relationships, break down walls, uplift others and constantly look for ways to be more efficient, effective and reliable in our work.

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Sharing real-world stories, experiences and ideas as a means of strengthening the Agile community.  Translating insights gained through 15 years across many disciplines into meaningful topics for beginners and experts alike. 

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Happy Clients


Roger CPA Review is a stronger organization because of your work, and it is inspiring to know you will be affecting the same positive change in other organizations. "

Kristin Lynes
Roger CPA Review

"As a business, we have used her knowledge to develop and grow in our vision and structure and have benefited from her strategic solutions to organizational problems.  She is thoughtful in her approach, has a strong knowledge of scrum and agile, and is always willing to research and look up alternative viewpoints."

Morgan Forsythe
Director of Operations

Her deep knowledge of Scrum combined with an empathetic, individualized approach makes her the kind of instructor that would enrich any organization."

Michael Ripplinger