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2017 Global Scrum Gathering San Diego

Organizational Catalysts: The Ebb and Flow of a Coach

Is the transformation stalled? Play Choose Your Own Adventure to discover your options when your coaching effectiveness has been poisoned.

As agile coaches and ScrumMasters, our purpose is to help people, teams, and organizations transform the way they think about their work and how they function as an organization. Our role serves as a catalyst in these transformations, asking questions and inspiring clients to create their own new thinking.

When added to a new or already existing agile transformation, a coach’s mission is to increase the speed of a transformation and decrease the amount of overall energy required for the transformation. However, catalysts (whether chemicals or coaches) can occasionally be inhibited, deactivated, or destroyed by secondary reactions. It is important that coaches remain vigilant to recognize the risk of this, and prevent it.

Knowing when you, as a catalyst, have been inhibited is one of the many coaching skills necessary to ensure that your agile transformations continue to evolve.    


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