How I Work


Using a mix of training, consulting, and coaching, I partner with my clients to uncover new paths, build on their strengths, and unleash the power of their team.

The process begins with frank conversations about your needs and the value that you are seeking from agility. Together we will build the right plan for you and your organization.


Transitioning to Agile



As you transform the way you work, you will need to strategically and incrementally build an agile culture so that your agile transformation is sustainable. I will assist with introducing the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto so that the change and learning are intrinsic and sound. 

Self-organization is not an easy concept. I will take you and your teams through workshops to develop team cohesion, working agreements, and develop skills for self organization 

Using facilitation techniques, lessons from improv, and deep listening, together we will "lower the water line" of the culture iceberg, and prepare you, your leaders, and teams for the shift in mindset. 


I love teaching teams the value and logistics of Scrum, kanban, and lean methods. Connecting the practices to the principles, I help teams and the organization realize the full value of the philosophy. 

I will train on the basics of the framework, roles, artifacts, ceremonies, and cadences. I also offer training on more advanced topics such as Release Planning, Story Mapping, Product Backlog Development, Estimation. 


Leading Through Change

Leadership, Structure + Culture

I provide a holistic and objective view of the organization through the lens of agile leadership. Partnering with leaders to better understand their individual and organizational goals, we identify the areas where both can grow. 

Blending my background in business and culture, I assess and make recommendations on improving organizational agility through cultural and structural evolution.   

Listen Closely to Move  Quickly

Reacting vs. Calmly Responding: which would you rather do? When your organization is agile, it is positioned to listen closely and move quickly. In other words, it does not shatter in the face of change.  I work with you to develop that structure of process and culture through coaching, training, and consulting.

Encouraging Innovation + Creativity

One of the greatest joys of my work is preparing leaders to make space for innovation and creativity by leading from a place of "Yes, And..." and growing their staff to be leaders too. 


Agile + Education

Using Agile to empower students

I work hand-in-hand with educators and administrators to create classrooms full of empowered and inspired students. Introducing agile culture into classrooms to encourage teamwork, problem solving and innovation, we prepare students to thrive in the "real world". 


Scrum in the Classroom

As a framework, Scrum is a helpful tool to create structure and introduce feedback loops into the classroom. The iterative nature of Scrum allows educators to empower students while maintaining a regular cadence of check-ins. The team nature of Scrum lends very well to classroom work, particularly for those focused on project-based learning. Let me help you introduce it in your classroom or with your staff!


Transform the World of Work

Training-coaching partnerships

If you are interested in certifications (CSM & CSPO) for your employees,  I partner with Certified Scrum Trainers to offer cohesive training and coaching solutions for clients.    

Paired coaching

Sometimes two heads are better than one! I partner with other Agile Coaches to provide comprehensive and in-depth coaching perspective as a team.