I am here to help. 



Coaching, Training, & Consulting

From executives to software teams to marketing teams, I have experience introducing agile principles and practices across the organization.

Beginning with frank conversations about your needs and the value that you are seeking from agility, we will build the right plan for you that includes the right mix of coaching, training, and consulting.  

If you need assistance with building an agile culture, identifying and pursuing meaningful agility across the organization, or working with teams to increase transparency and teamwork, I can help. 

I have particular passion for online agile teams, agile in education, and agile leadership. Let's talk! 


I believe that sharing stories, experiences, and ideas are the way that we strengthen our global community.

Contact me if you need a speaker for your conference, organizational meeting, or meetup. I can speak about the following topics: 

  • Agile Lighthouse: Building an Agile Culture That Can Save Your Transformation
  • Helping the Helpers: The Care & Feeding of Your ScrumMasters 
  • Agile Leadership 
  • Online Agile Teams 
  • Agile in the Classroom (K-12) 
  • Ask if you are interested in other topics!



Need content for your blog or website? Need an article for your magazine?

I can help with that too! I can provide content on agile, leadership, teamwork, culture, and more.