Hello World! [Pun Intended]

Hello World! [Pun Intended]

I suppose when you do it correctly, a good introduction and a good outro makes the song feel like it's coming out of something and then evolving into something. ---Bruce Springsteen

It’s an interesting type of pressure, writing a first blog post. There are over 18 million Google results for “writing your first blog post” that promise to help you write that perfect first post. I’m not looking to win any awards or sell you anything with my post, however. Like a good agilist, I’m starting simple, by introducing myself.


I’m Melissa Boggs. I love to sing (but never in the shower). I believe in the power of teamwork and the human spirit. I have 2 kids +  2 dogs + 2 cats. (I like pairs!) I live in Denver with this zoo and my co-zookeeper of 16 years, Wendell. I have been practicing Scrum and embracing agile values since 2010,  but nerding out over culture and leadership even longer. I grew up in North Pole, Alaska. I recently launched my independent coaching practice, Hummingbird Agility. 

As much as possible, I am going to avoid the buzzword overload as I describe what I love doing for a living. Let’s give it a try….

+++Passionate + Enterprise + Agile + Consulting + Agile + Transformation + Transition + Coaching + Culture + Scrum + Scaling + Organizational + Change + Leadership + Business + Agility + Structure + Alignment + Mentoring  + Mission + Vision + Values + Agile Marketing + Agile + Education + Agile + Sharing + Caring +++

Easier said than done, right? The truth is, there are a lot of Agile Coaches out there, and we are doing a lot of the same work. Like stereotypes, buzzwords grow out of a desire to grow concepts and have them catch on. Many of us share a vision, and a heart, for changing the conversation about work. It’s this vision, this heart, that has kept me eagerly plugged into the agile and Scrum community since 2010.  Rather than compete, we collaborate to further the values and principles of agile and Scrum. We have come a long way, but there still remains just so much to do.

You'll hear more about this in future posts,  but here is my personal mission: 

My mission is to invite individuals and organizations to seek connection, alignment, and positive change in pursuit of their highest goals.  

         My vision is that by planting small seeds, I may encourage evolution of thought about how we view our work, ourselves, and our work communities.  

*Courage * Empathy * Creativity*

When you're coming up with new material, it's not always gonna be good. The only way to learn is for it not to get a laugh, so you can adjust it and come back the next day to see if it's working right. Next time, you might get a different laugh. You're constantly rebuilding. - Kevin Hart

(Who knew Kevin Hart was so agile?). I hope you will stick around and continue to have conversations with me as I adjust and keep rebuilding. In my next blog post, I’ll talk about the intersection of culture and strategy, and how it relates to agility.    Until then….

How do you describe what YOU do every day?

At the Intersection of Culture & Strategy

At the Intersection of Culture & Strategy