It Starts with a Story....

I recently completed my journey toward becoming a Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance. It was a incredibly introspective process, involving a lot of soul searching and evaluation of my personal coaching culture (traditions, habits, and behaviors). In the process, I started to find the words to describe my philosophy. 

At the Intersection of Culture & Strategy

The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually - to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.    -Gary Zukav

Hello World! [Pun Intended]

It’s an interesting type of pressure, writing a first blog post. There are over 18 million Google results for “writing your first blog post” that promise to help you write that perfect first post. I’m not looking to win any awards or sell you anything with my post, however. Like a good agilist, I’m starting simple, by introducing myself.